Environmental Change Caused by Gasoline and Diesel

Environmental change has been a common debate among people around the world, and for a good reason. Living conditions are not as good as they used to be, causing much human, animal, and atmospheric issues. Diesel and gasoline have been massive contributors towards the environmental change, and some experts have been urging to look for other alternatives.
The problem pertaining to petrol and diesel pollution has been common for decades.
For years, we have been told that the pollution caused by diesel engines is quite minimal.
However, people have different opinions these days, as they claim to state that diesel is the main reason behind the prevailing environmental damage these days.

Gasoline and Diesel – The Main Culprits behind the Damage

Many people argue that either gas or diesel is the main reason behind today’s environmental damage. The fact is, both are equally responsible, and playing the blame game is futile.
However, if you take a closer look, you will come to realize that while diesel still poses some dangers, the amount of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide it emits is far less.


The main reason behind the reduced Co2 and greenhouse emissions is that diesel engines are far more efficient.
The type of fuel that diesel engines use has a better compression ratio compared to gasoline, and it also has a better performance rate.
Because of this, people require a lesser amount of fuel for traveling the same distances, keeping Co2 emissions to a minimum.

According to several estimations, diesel engines release around 10 percent lesser than the same category’s gasoline engines.
This discourse leads to the idea that cars using diesel don’t pollute as much as those using petrol.
However, this doesn’t get diesel engines off the hook.
Why? Because if we look at other types of pollutions, for instance, line particles (NOx, NO2. PM2.5. or PM10), you will notice that petrol tends to outperform diesel, for the wrong reasons.


Diesel engines are unique in the sense that they don’t require a lot of air to make fuel combustion possible.
The main problem with extra air is the chemical reactions resulting from it.
These reactions result in the release of a substantial amount of air pollutants.
Gases, nitrogen oxides, and dioxides are just some of the pollutants released due to chemical reactions.
In addition, fine particles like ethylene, ethane, hydrocarbons, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are also released because of gasoline use.

Diesel engines were not as efficient in their initial days as they are now.
If you compared them to the petrol engines of that time, you would realize that diesel was far inferior then gasoline in terms of overall efficiency.
MayMaan Green Solutions

GMs Recent Announcement – How Maymaan Can Offer Solutions?

GM made a groundbreaking announcement recently, claiming that it intends to do away with diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles by the year 2035.
It would be fair to say that this shift is incredibly dramatic as it will phase out the use of engines powered by fossil fuel.
GM also announced its plans to focus on becoming carbon neutral by 2040.
This announcement was made only one week after the U.S president stated his intentions about tackling greenhouse gas emissions.

While the idea of having electric cars within 14 to 15 years sounds exciting, you may be wondering how vehicles will receive so much electric supply to operate efficiently. That is precisely where Maymaan will offer its solutions.
Maymaan has been providing alternative, cleaner energy solutions to minimize the environmental damage caused by gasoline and diesel.

The company, through its technological innovations, is always looking to create new and efficient solutions.
Therefore, Maymaan’s professional team has started working on a project to provide electric car owners with a solution that helps them power their vehicles to ensure they can run for long periods.

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