Stationary Power Generation

AquaStroke™ 20 kW Power Generator

The smallest in our lineup, this redesigned mid-size 1.5L turbocharged engine is designed for long working hours and features high efficiency at mid to high loads, with quick response to load changes. It also features remote start, data logging, remote monitoring, and reporting, including maintenance and malfunction alerts. The target uses include residential prime or backup, small businesses, and telecommunication towers such as cell towers.

This unit was designed for many applications including backup and off-grid power generation, it is an ideal solution for the fast-growing telecom network as well as the G5 antennas network as it offers clean and reliable power generation with a novel fuel that is not subject to theft in developing countries and regions.

AquaStroke™ 35 kW Power Generator

This new type of generator is designed to provide reliable, clean power at a competitive price. It features an 2.0 engine redesigned to maximize efficiency and durability, while using a state-of-the-art alternator end, voltage regulator, and controllers.

Compact designed with the user in mind, offer ease of operation with exceptionally quiet sound proof insulated powder coated rust resistant aluminum enclosure, the unique appearance will enhance any installation location, one important fact is that this as all Aquastroke based generator are extremely responsive to big changes in load including sudden conductive load such as motors and AC units.

AquaStroke™ 120 kW Power Generator

The 120 kW generator, the largest in our lineup, is equipped with a massive 6.2L naturally aspirated engine. It features adjustable cam phasing and dual exhaust sensors to optimize fuel economy, high efficiency, and maximize emission reduction across the complete load curve.

A powerful yet small unit with exceptional reliability using a base of a traditional V8 engine, an ideal solution for power backup as well as peak shaving solution to large residential apartment building, commercial and office buildings, a modular solution and can be paralleled for larger application and redundancy.

Charging Station Solutions

AC Level 2

Our AC charging solutions are based on a generator and charging stands for multiple vehicle charges at the same time, the smaller system utilizes our 35kW unit connected to up to three 11kW stands, and the larger system employs the 120Kw unit connected to ten 11 Kw charging stands.

J1772 connector on each of the charging stands with 11kW AC charging, remote start-stop, cloud monitoring, cloud authentication, OCCP supported product, modern design 25 ft cable.

Level 3 DC Fast Charging

The only true 100% off-grid renewable fuel-based DC fast charger that can be deployed anywhere, portable and off-grid, to replace traditional installations as well as remote locations.

We offer two sizes of fast charges based on the patented generator-to-car technology, where the generator is the charging station, featuring a different type of charging experience and ease of installation, this solution enables installation at any location without the need to wait for the power company to run wires and install substations, no permits or underground wire to run, just drop and charge, include network connectivity RF id and credit card verification, with an ease of a touch screen displaying all the parameters for the user, the smaller 60Kw unit capable to charge an average vehicle in less than one hour, and the 250Kw unit can charge an empty vehicle battery at about 15 minutes CHAdeMO or CCS1 connectivity

Compressors Coming Soon

Introducing a versatile compressor, equipped with a water-based, fuel-efficient engine, designed to cater to diverse needs. This unit is adaptable for customization and suitable for special applications in marine, railway, and healthcare environments.

Specs will be made available closer to release date.

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