Pioneering WaterFueled

Energy Solutions

Striving towards a 2050 where renewable, water-based fuel replaces fossil fuels, we’re tackling today’s energy challenges to make this vision a reality for everyone. 

MayMaan’s AquaStroke® technology converts existing internal combustion engines (ICEs) to run on 70% water and 30% bio alcohol. This clean-burning alternative cuts fuel costs in half and slashes emissions to near zero. By utilizing existing infrastructure and offering superior performance, AquaStroke enables a smooth transition away from fossil fuels, impacting industries from transportation to power generation. 

    Powered By 70% Water and  30% Ethanol Or Methanol 

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Advancing Tomorrow Responsibly

At Maymaan, we believe that innovation should go hand in hand with ethical responsibility. Our research and development processes are guided by stringent ethical standards, ensuring that every breakthrough we achieve is advanced in technology and responsible in application.

Similarly, understanding the impact of actions on the environment is crucial. We are committed to sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. From minimizing waste in our laboratories to optimizing energy use in our operations, we strive to reduce our ecological footprint while continuing to deliver high-quality research outcomes.

04. The AquaStroke™ ICE

Revolutionizing Power with Water

The AquaStroke™ Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) represents a groundbreaking advancement in engine technology. Developed by Maymaan Research, this engine is uniquely designed to use water as a primary fuel source, setting a new standard in eco-friendly power generation. Engineered for peak efficiency, this powerhouse delivers exceptional performance while significantly reducing harmful emissions and eliminating reliance on fossil fuels.

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