Charging Station

Charging Station

Clean On-Demand Power provides EV with a practical solution

MayMaan is at the forefront of the clean energy revolution with its renewable genset power.
The transition to renewables cuts across the entire urban energy landscape, from buildings to transport, to industry and power.
Renewables can bring tremendous benefits to cities, including cleaner air, modern services, and improved living spaces.


Power charging stations using clean energy which reduces costs and emissions.
Portable generator to power charging stations off grid, thus eliminating reliance on the grid.
Can provide energy to Level 2 and DC fast chargers.

Clean on-demand power

At the same time, cities are crucial to the world’s transition to a low-carbon economy, accounting for 65% of global energy use and 70% of man-made carbon emissions. The greening of the electricity supply should be a priority, because shifting to 100% clean electricity underpins emission-reduction strategies in other sectors, such as transportation and heating. Cities can therefore aim to achieve 100% clean electricity by 2035.
MayMaan’s Aquastroke equipped gensets provide a great solution to most issues associated with the installation and operation of Level 2 and DC fast charging stations. They provide on-demand power on or off the grid to charge multiple vehicles. This is all without the load on the grid, the wait for utility power access, and the high expense of conventional non-renewable power.
MayMaan gensets are completely portable and can be moved very easily between locations if needed. They can be installed with our charging stations and have the versatility to work with other charging stations. In the case of power outages such as those caused by natural or man-made disasters, our gensets will be ready and operational to power city emergency vehicles, and other essential services.

We offer two size units, a 35Kw (available in 2nd Q 2022) unit and a 120Kw (available in 3rd Q 2022).

Model AS40

Provide power to 3 x 11kw level 2 or 1 DC 30Kw fast chargers


MODEL as150

Provide power to 12 x 11kw level 2 or 4 DC 30Kw fast chargers


“Our mission is to create environmentally friendly technology to reduce emissions and costs for a sustainable future.”

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