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Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of talented engineers and highly motivated entrepreneurs with a proven track record in business, finance, military, and politics.
Maymaan team

Joe Nakash


Mr. Nakash is the founder and chairman of Jordache enterprises,
a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that includes Arkia Airlines, International hotel chains, a Private jet chartering service and real estate assets that include international landmarks and luxury hotels .
Maymaan team

yedidia yaari

advisory board chairman

Mr. Yaari is the former president and CEO of RAFAEL Amament Development Authority Ltd. , a leading contributor in the research and development of defense systems in Israel and around the world.
Maymaan team



Mr. Shmueli is an inventor, engineer and a master mechanic. This technology has been his vision for the past 50 years. He is proficient in mechanical / electrical engineering, practical physics and chemistry.
Maymaan team


Board member

Mr. Hoenlein is the CEO and Executive Chairman of the Conference of Presidents. He completed his B.A. in Political Science from Temple University and his Masters degree and PhD coursework at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of International Relations.
Maymaan team



Mr. Shmueli is an entrepreneur and inventor for many years in the solar and renewable energy fields. He is an expert in clean tech, energy production and energy efficiency technologies. 
Maymaan team



Mr. Shmueli is a successful entrepreneur and businessman with an excellent technical background. He was a jet engineer in the Israeli Defense Force and the founder of South Florida’s most successful commercial printing companies.
Maymaan team Alon-OZER



Mr. Ozer has over two decades of investment experience, managing hundreds of millions of dollars in assets for Nonprofits and private investors.
Maymaan team



Mr. Wilson is the founder and owner of Wilson Manifolds. His developments in engine design and intake systems are implemented in the top auto racing teams in the world such as NASCAR and Formula One
Maymaan team


Advisory Board

Holds a degree in Economics from Tel Aviv University and 46 year experience in Banking and Investment Banking. Last 17 years he specialized in Energy and in the Asian markets
Maymaan team

Simon Boag

Advisory Board

Simon is a Managing Partner at IncWell. Prior, he served as the CEO of Stage 2 Innovations, a $100M investment fund for late stage companies. He also has over 25 years of senior executive experience in Manufacturing, Purchasing, and Parts & Service positions at Chrysler, Case New Holland, General Motors, and CAMI Automotive.
Maymaan team

Bruce D Coventry

Advisory Board

With more than 40 years of industry experience, Bruce Coventry has a deep understanding of the automotive industry which he has held executive positions at GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Including Chairman of the Board of Directors at TowerSec, an Automotive Cyber Security solution provider. As well as consulted for a number of PE’s and VC’s.
Maymaan team

Simon Lis

senior advisor JV

With over 40 years of experience in Aviation Propulsion working with Joint Venture partners on Commercial and Military applications. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Elinor Tal

Senior Product Designer

Our Designer and Product Developer is responsible for product styling and engineering development for the manufacturing stage.

Holds a Bachelor of Design degree from Holon Institute of Technology, Israel, with an Outstanding Achievement diploma.

Currently studying for her Masters of Science in Ecology & Environmental Protection at Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Experienced management that produces results

“Our mission is to create environmentally friendly technology to reduce emissions and costs for a sustainable future.”


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