Mark Kriek

Emerging Markets, EU Government Affairs

Mark has been pioneering the clean technology sector since 2005 when he was involved in the first Smart City Project in the world. At that time Mark worked as the lead for Cisco Capital in Emerging Africa and the Middle East. At Cisco Capital, Mark was responsible for structured finance solutions for infrastructure in transitional countries. After Cisco Capital, Mark worked as an investment director and partner in Venture Capital with a hands-on approach and was the Serie A lead investor in ChargePoint Inc. Twice Mark, successfully executed in the role of CEO of a startup/scale up to achieve a scalable business model, market entry and the follow-up round of funding. At MayMaan his role is to develop and execute a winning strategy for Europe whilst engaging with the EU policymakers to prepare the playing field. Mark has a degree of the Royal Military Academy and several law and business degrees.