Maymaan Technology - Reducing Environmental Damage

MayMaan research operates with one main purpose in mind, and that is to offer alternative solutions for the energy-related challenges most countries face during this century. The organization has a team of some of the best engineers and technicians who have been working diligently for many years, mastering proprietary engine technology to leave a positive impact. The company worked on three different types of prototype systems that have efficient and safe applications in different types of industries. Maymaan received seven different patents and has more than twenty pending patents. With the help of well-thought-out partnerships along with an undying commitment to excellence, MayMaan promises to create new technology that contributes towards a cleaner environment.

Leading the Road of Technological Advancements

With years of innovative research under its belt, MayMaan technology paves the way for groundbreaking technological advancements that have led to tremendous results. The company’s proprietary technology is heavily based on a regular piston engine that uses renewable, clean, and affordable fuel obtained from ethanol and water. This results in an incredibly efficient engine that offers pollution free combustion

Clean Burning Fuel for a Better Environment

MayMaan’s patented and innovative system utilizes fuel made from thirty percent ethanol and seventy percent water, providing a much superior alternative to fossil fuels. This groundbreaking procedure operates by converting the mixture of water into a clean burning, powerful fuel inside the combustion chamber of the engine.
When combustion takes place, the procedure pushes pistons down the power stroke, which creates high torque in the RPM of various engines. This is especially suitable for engines operating between mid and low RPM ranges. In addition, it is an excellent solution to retrofit or replace Gasoline/Diesel engines in marine applications, trucks, and cars. What’s more, the fuel can be stockpiled and delivered just like diesel and gasoline without requiring loads of changes to the current fueling groundwork. The best thing about this is that the fuel is totally safe. In addition, the costs are remarkably low, compared to diesel and gasoline.

MayMaan Technology
This technology by MayMaan is the result of several years of research by its highly experienced team. Compared to other types fuel, it is safer, simpler, and remarkably unique. Let us look at some of the advantages the fuel has to offer.

Benefits of this fuel

  • Renewable and clean
  • Delivering liquid is much easier
  • Tremendous flexibility
  • Easily available – Manufactured from different types of safe materials
  • Inexpensive

Benefits for the Engine

  • The footprint is minimal
  • Easily scalable for various sizes
  • Inexpensive
  • Possible to retrofit
  • Compatible with engines from various manufacturers
  • Operating temperature is on the lower side
  • High torque
  • Tremendous efficiency

Benefits for the Environment

  • Minimal noise
  • No soot
  • Green and renewable fuel
  • The NOx is on the lower side
  • Pollution free combustion

With so many advantages being offered, Maymaan proves that it is doing everything possible to minimize environmental damage. The organization will continue to evolve its technologies and processes, paving the way for a better tomorrow.

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