Most people associate the dangers of fossil fuels with air pollution. This isn’t surprising when most studies conducted by researchers focus on this specific sector of fossil fuel danger. 

Berkeley emphasizes fossil fuels’ harmful impact on the environment and human health: “The effects of burning fossil fuels, especially carbon dioxide, are having far-reaching effects on our climate and ecosystems. Burning fossil fuels is the primary cause of climate change, altering the Earth’s ecosystems and causing human and environmental health problems.” 

Fossil fuel pollution was responsible for nearly 1 in 5 deaths in 2018.  

There’s no doubt about it: fossil fuels are a risk to human and environmental health.

To fully understand the dangers of burning fossil fuels, we should take a closer when NBC News reports that generators are “one of the most dangerous consumer products on the market.” 

Most generators used today operate with fossil fuels; fossil fuels are highly flammable and emit carbon dioxide. 

Fire Explosion


Generators are used everywhere — between commercial facilities, industrial equipment, businesses, and private residences. 

Using generators that burn fossil fuels pose a serious health issue; federal figures suggest that portable generators emit as much carbon monoxide as 450 gas-burning cars. 

Carbon monoxide poisoning and generator explosions are serious safety risks. Thousands of people are injured by generators in the United States every year — with approximately 70 deaths.

The risk is not worth the reward. The power produced by generators should not come at the risk of human lives and property. 

Unfortunately, this is another added layer to the dangers of burning fossil fuels. Not to mention that generators burning fossil fuels still contribute to human and environmental health problems by producing pollution. 

There’s no reason we should allow polluting generators to continue harming the environment, causing health issues, and injuring people.

The Solution: MayMaan’s Clean Running Generators

MayMaan has invented a viable solution: a generator that’s runs on non-polluting and non-flammable fuel. Our generators operate on a fuel mixture of 70% water and 30% ethanol.

With our innovative and patented system, MayMaan makes fossil fuels a thing of the past

If the millions of generators in the world were replaced with MayMaan generators, thousands of lives would be saved. 

Saving people from danger is certainly enough to switch to a clean generator, but the benefits don’t stop there. 

Business and property owners who adopt a MayMaan clean generator won’t have a potential risk of their property being severely damaged from a generator explosion. 

Utilizing clean generators will also reduce your carbon footprint — making the world a cleaner, healthier place. 

The stakes have never been higher. Replacing your generator with a clean-burning, non-flammable generator could save your property…and your life.

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